It’s been a busy week, but I’m super excited to be sharing the Blogger’s Brags Pinterest party with you again. Last week I found some awesome posts, I hope you take just a minute to link up the great posts that you all have and go find some new blogs to follow. Last week there […]

This is seriously the perfect gluten-free cookie. By perfect I mean it only has one flour. I think I have talked before about how much I adore allergen friendly recipes that only have one flour. There really aren’t that many out there. Usually to make a gluten-free recipe turn out well you have to add […]


Every week each co-host will pick a post (or two or three!)  to feature from the week before, as well as everyone will feature the post(s) that had the most clicks.    You can go visit the different hosts’ and co-hosts’ blogs to see who they picked from last week! Here are this week’s  I Hearts […]

Last weekend was great for our family. We didn’t have much planned, which was surprising since we have had pretty much every weekend filled since the beginning of May.   On the Fourth we went to my in-laws for the afternoon and had fun with Ben’s younger brothers playing badminton and volleyball. The volleyball wasn’t […]

Oh my goodness! I’m so excited to be co-hosting the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party for the months of July and August! Tammy from Creative K Kids has put together an awesome group of hosts for this party and it is super successful. I have been wanting to co-host something like this for a while, it […]

If  you are following Surviving Toddlerhood on Facebook you may have seen this link last week to The Marble Jar. If you go check out that post you’ll find two more of Samantha’s favorite inspirational bloggers. I like Samantha’s blog because we are both mothers and we both have changed our children’s diets on a […]


At fifteen months, Cameron still nurses frequently.   He has just started to sleep through the night. This is a thing that has always troubled me, sleeping through the night, what exactly is the definition? I’ve heard momma’s say that their baby slept through the night and to them that means six hours, I’ve heard […]


Where did the time go? Last year I was dealing with an infant and  a toddler, this year it is a toddler and a preschooler.   At fifteen months Cameron has just started sleeping through the night. He still nurses frequently during the day, I don’t see that stopping anytime soon either. Both of us […]

Dear Momma of Littles, Today has been one of those days. I’m sure you know what I mean. It is calm here now, but that is because it is naptime. I am sitting with a cup of chai and some dark chocolate. (Otherwise known as comfort food and mood enhancers.) It is a dark, rainy […]


Happy Father’s Day to the dad’s in my life. To my Dad. Thank you for teaching me to be strong, to work hard and keep going until the job is done. Thank you for showing me faith in action and that your walk needs to match your talk. Thank you for “grilling” the guy I […]


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