I thought this would be hard for me to share with you, because I love nursing through babyhood and toddlerhood, but I find it a little relieving this time around. No more nummies for Cameron! Okay it is still a little sad. But this time I definitely feel more ready to be done for now. […]

17 weeks!! Almost halfway through this pregnancy with BabyT#3! The weeks are going by so fast this time around. I remember with Seth it seemed to go so slowly, even his babyhood seemed slow, I couldn’t wait to get to the next stage and do the next thing. I couldn’t wait to get maternity clothes, […]

You guys, pregnancy has sucked any blogging ambitions I have away and replaced them with a desire to do nothing but binge watch Downton Abbey {just started season 5 so I don’t have much left to watch}, drink coffee and sit on my couch. I wish my ambitions would come back soon, cause I miss […]

I promised this list a long time ago. I really need to stop promising things here {re: certain posts and their due dates, or we can just pretend that the due date is an estimated one just like this pregnant momma’s estimated time of BabyT#3’s arrival. }  But anyhoo…….   These following Facebook blog support […]

8 Children's Books We WONT Get RId of. Ever.

If you have been here a while, or if you know me in real life, you know that I like to get rid of things.  I like to think we are half-minimalist. :-) I don’t think a completely minimalist lifestyle would work well for us at this point, but I have cut our wardrobes down […]


Today marks twelve weeks of pregnancy with BabyT#3. I’m giving in to peer pressure and sharing an update of how this pregnancy is going and what is happening at different stages with baby. :) This is what my bump looks like after a run or workout: I think it shows a little better then because […]

Goals for March 2015

The past few weeks haven’t been any busier than others, I have just been enjoying a break from blogging. We’ll call it my blogging spring break. :) It had been nice to not worry about getting a post up or wondering what I should write about because, although I have lots of ideas written down, […]

Last Friday night we told the boys about BabyT#3. I had fun planning how we were going to tell the boys. I bought a doll at our local consignment shop and wrapped it up with an ultrasound picture I had gotten earlier that day. I didn’t get the reaction that I was hoping from Seth, […]

Cocoa Nuts {Grain Free Cocoa Wheats, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free}

Growing up one of my favorite breakfasts was Cocoa Wheats. They were thick, sweet, chocolatey warmth filling my belly. My mom let us put sprinkles on top. :) They were delicious. This recipe was created by my desire for a few things: 1. Chocolate for breakfast. 2. A break from eggs, waffles and pancakes. 3. […]

I know there are a bazillion posts on Pinterest that all have wonderful tips on how to be a great blogger, how to write good content and how to grow your blog. But these are tips that have specifically helped me and I wanted to pass them along to you with the hopes that you […]


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