I like soup. I could eat it every day. Unfortunately for me, my husband and boys don’t like it that often. They would be fine if we had it twice a month. Unfortunately for them, I make it once a week. It helps use up vegetables, is really cheap and, if you use a gelatin […]

Dear Momma, Don't Feel Guilty. A post about rest for tired mommas and the guilt they might feel.

Dear Momma of Littles, Do you long for a moment of silence when your world seems like chaos? Does that make you feel guilty? Do you anticipate your workout/gym time/long run because it means a break from little voices who need to tell you who they are pretending to be that day, how they are […]

It has been just over two months since returning to a grain free diet for myself. It is much easier this second time around. Last year Cameron, Seth and I were all grain free for four and a half months. That time we were concentrating on Seth’s belly and immune system, this time it is […]

A couple of months ago I decided we were going to do something very brave. We were going to potty train Cameron. He was twenty months old. Eight months younger than Seth when he got things figured out. But I thought¬†maybe, just maybe ¬†Cameron was ready. He would go in and watch brother and daddy […]

CD in cold weather

One of the search terms that brings the most traffic to this blog is cloth diapers in cold weather or other variations of the words cloth, diaper, cold, weather and winter. If you searched with those terms before you were sent to this post which really has nothing to do with cloth diapering your baby […]

A new year. A fresh start I always love the thought of the new year and a new chance to accomplish something. Why is it that I overlook every new day? Why do I put more weight on the mercies of a new year instead of the mercies that are new every morning. Why don’t […]

How did you do in the last month of 2014? Did you end the year feeling accomplished? Looking back over the year and seeing everything that happened in 2014 I realize just how much we did and I’m amazed. I might not have done everything that I wanted, but I’m hoping I did what God […]

top 10 posts of 2014

Looking back over the past year I thought it would be fun to share the top ten posts of 2014 here at Surviving Toddlerhood. They cover a range of topics which I thought was rather interesting. :-) You can click on the picture to go to each post. 1. Dear Momma, Let Them Love You […]

Are you ready? Ready for one month of living intentionally? Ready to begin making a habit of daily exercise? I hope you are, ’cause I don’t know if I am. We can do it together. :) Here are some tips that I hope will help us all achieve our goal of daily fitness during the […]

This past weekend we went to a couple of family Christmas parties. There were sugar cookies EVERYWHERE. Seth had had fun at Grandma’s cutting out and decorating gluten free sugar cookies and he was begging to make some of our own. I wanted to eat some too, but my body doesn’t handle sugar that well, […]


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