Growing up one of my favorite breakfasts was Cocoa Wheats. They were thick, sweet, chocolatey warmth filling my belly. My mom let us put sprinkles on top. :) They were delicious. This recipe was created by my desire for a few things: 1. Chocolate for breakfast. 2. A break from eggs, waffles and pancakes. 3. […]

I know there are a bazillion posts on Pinterest that all have wonderful tips on how to be a great blogger, how to write good content and how to grow your blog. But these are tips that have specifically helped me and I wanted to pass them along to you with the hopes that you […]

Last Sunday my middle baby turned two. :-( It was a sad/happy day. Sad because now that he is two I have to acknowledge that he is growing up, happy because well, he is growing up and learning so much!! Last year we didn’t really have a celebration for his birthday because we were traveling, […]


I don’t really have an acceptance speech, but I am super honored to be nominated for this fun blogging award by TWO awesome ladies. Keisha is from the Penny Pinching Peach and Lecy is from Simple Life, Happy Wife.   If you have been nominated you can choose whether or not to accept the award. […]

Yes. It is the 16th of March. But I still have a goal list I want to share…:) I’m sure you are all dying to read it as well. :) Blog: *eight posts Doula Business: *attend childbirth education class to promote services and generate local awareness of the services a doula offers *attend breastfeeding class […]

family picture1

150 posts! That number looks huge, but I know it isn’t really compared to other momma blogs out there. If you are new here I want to take the time to introduce you to my little family. :-) I always love reading introduction posts on other blogs and getting to know the authors and their […]

My boys love breakfast. It is the one meal that I am always guaranteed they will eat. They like waffles, but not hard ones, the waffles must be soft and every square MUST have maple syrup or honey. I like waffles too but I must admit that I like crunchier ones that hold up for […]

goals for february

This past month was crazy. Things happened that I didn’t think would happen for a long time. If you are a part of our Facebook page you may know that my grandpa passed away last week from cancer. Not something we were expecting. This last week has been spent with family and friends. We’re sad […]

This past Monday was the two week mark for following the GAPS diet. It has gone much better than I thought it would and I’ve seen great results so far. Where am I at in the GAPS diet? Monday I started Stage 5. In stage 5 raw vegetables and some cooked fruits are worked back […]

15+ Chores Your Toddler of Preschooler CAN DO

A few weeks ago Seth and I made these chores cards to help our days flow a little better and to make sure that we were getting things done that need to be done. We have used them almost every day since then and our days do have a better flow. In fact, since Seth […]


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