Ten Tips: Transitioning from Nap-time to Rest-time A couple of months ago Seth decided he didn’t want to take naps anymore. It was becoming a battle to get him to sleep every afternoon. I had known that this was going to happen sometime, but I was honestly dreading the day that it did. Like most […]

{Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This does not change your price in any way, it simply means I recieve a small percentage of the sales.} Enterovirus D68 has made many children ill in the past few weeks. While it normally only seriously effects those with weak lungs and asthma, many people can get lighter […]

The last couple of days we have talked about the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. Today I’m going to show you three things that I know you will love about this bundle. 1. The Bonuses. Have you looked at the bundle yet? You can do that here. If you click on that link you will find […]

Yesterday I told you how excited I was about this Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle that goes on sale today. Today I am going to show you a few more resources that will come in your bundle and share with you the first book I am going to read and why. Another great category in this […]


Have you seen those Ultimate Bundles before? You know the ones where you get a whole bunch of e-books, online courses and information for a little price? I’m sure you have. The last one that I seen was all about homemaking. It looked so awesome! It had one of my favorite mothering books in it, […]

As much as I love the relaxed, warm days of summer, I always look forward to the coolness and routine that come in September. Our days have more planning and thought put into them and it seems that we accomplish more when we have a purpose to our days. I’ve been looking at past month’s […]

Over Labor Day weekend I was biking with my family. My husband, three of his brothers, my dad and my youngest brother all set out to complete the DALMAC bike tour. The DALMAC is a forty-two year old bike ride that aims to show that bicycles and other vehicles can safely share the road. We […]

Calling all bloggers!! Come on in and make this party the biggest one of the series! Bring us your posts, link them up, tell your friends about it. Every post will be pinned! i’m so sad that this is my last week co-hosting the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party. Tammy from Creative K Kids does an […]

As a pre-teen and teenager one of my chores was to help with the laundry. Living with five siblings, three of which were boys, meant there was a lot of dirty laundry. Many days during the summer my mom would send my sister and I out to hang up the wet laundry and bring in […]

I’m so sad. My weeks of co-hosting this awesome party are almost over. :-( It has been a lot of work, but so much fun, to read all these posts and meet great new bloggers. I hope you all were able to find some new friends like I did. Last week I shared that one […]


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