This past Monday was the two week mark for following the GAPS diet. It has gone much better than I thought it would and I’ve seen great results so far. Where am I at in the GAPS diet? Monday I started Stage 5. In stage 5 raw vegetables and some cooked fruits are worked back […]

15+ Chores Your Toddler of Preschooler CAN DO

A few weeks ago Seth and I made these chores cards to help our days flow a little better and to make sure that we were getting things done that need to be done. We have used them almost every day since then and our days do have a better flow. In fact, since Seth […]

Tips for a newbie blogger

A couple of months ago a friend asked me to give her some advice on starting a blog. I didn’t think that I would have much to say, but once I started thinking about it I found a few pieces of advice that I have learned over the past eighteen months that would have greatly […]


A few months ago at a family gathering someone noticed that Cameron’s socks didn’t match. Laughingly one of the other women asked me why? “Is the other one lost in the laundry?” “No”, I replied, “there isn’t another one, these are just the same size so I put them together.” She wasn’t sure I was […]

gaps creamy butternut breakfast porridge_edited-12

I’ve been on the GAPS diet for one week now. My rashes have cleared up considerably and I’ve only had stomach cramps once when I had raw broccoli. {Yes, it was a cheat and not supposed to be allowed, but Ben wanted to take me out for Valentine’s Day. I ordered grilled chicken and steamed […]


One of my goals for the month of January was to make Seth some chore cards to help us get in a routine and to make sure that I remember to have Seth help around the house, ’cause sometimes it’s just easier to do things myself. Seth had fun helping me make these chore cards. […]


I am on Day 1 of the GAPS Introduction Diet Stage One. So far I’ve had chicken vegetable soup, ginger tea, a cup of beef broth and soup that consisted of beef broth, ground beef, turnips, onions, garlic and spinach. Yum! :) I had mentioned here that I was just going to do the full […]


Last month one of my goals was to intentionally find time for exercise and fitness every day of the month. I ended up doing something twenty-five out of January’s thirty-one days. It might have been a run, yoga, stretching, core work or wall sits, but for every one of those days I was choosing to […]

goals for february

One of the overall things that I want to focus on in February is making sure that everything I do is done with love. As followers of Christ we are told to love others as we love ourselves (Mark 12:31), to love each other earnestly (1 Peter 1:22), to do everything in his name (Colossians […]

Goals for Jan

One month of 2015 is gone. Already. Here were my specific goals for January: Personal: *write a psalm of praise (or list a list) of the ways God has shown his faithfulness in our family. I did do this. I would like to write it out in a different form and put a copy in […]


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